Purple Star Veterans Program

The Purple Star Veterans Program’s focus is active duty Servicemembers transitioning from military service and Veterans re-integrating into civilian life

What is the Purple Star Veterans Program?

The Purple Star Veterans program exists to support active duty Servicemembers and Veterans who are struggling in their transition from military to civilian life, and to assist in their reintegration into their families, communities, and the workforce.

We help each Veteran develop a customized plan that addresses who they are, where they are, and where they want to go in the future.

We do this through providing:

  • Triage assistance via our trained Purple Star Veteran Peer Advisors, who offer short-term mentorship and resources
  • Resources and tools for self-help personal development and transition assistance
  • A private online community of peers, family members, and other lifeline members
  • Quality referrals to long-term mentors and mentoring organizations