Peer Advisors assist active duty Service Members, Veterans, and family members in assessing where they are, finding a new direction and creating a plan for the future by clarifying strengths and interests while identifying opportunities for self-improvement. Our goal is to help clarify of mission, identity, meaning and purpose. Peer Advisors also assist in finding relevant resources and programs. We strive to never let a client down.

Purple Star Veterans and Families is proud to introduce….

Dennis TackettDennis Tackett

Veteran Peer Advisor

Former Military Police/Military Working Dog Handler, OEF Combat Veteran & 2 time OIF Combat Veteran

I was on active duty for almost 9 years, and had three (year long) deployments. I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2006 and deployed two more times after that diagnosis. I was suffering from the worst of the symptoms in 2011 when I was charged with a felony and tried to commit suicide a few months after. The journey that followed has been a difficult one, but to have come from the level of absolute despair to where I am now in life is worth the work. I am here to help other families avoid going through the same obstacles that mine has experienced.