Get to Know Purple Star Veterans and Families

About Us


First founded in 2006, Purple Star Veterans and Families (PSVF) is a 501 (c) 3 community service organization. Purple Star was founded to honor those active duty Servicemembers and Veterans lost to suicide and other means while helping Veterans and their immediate and extended families navigate the trials of homecoming from combat and transition from military service.

The Purple Star Symbol

The concept of the Purple Star as a symbol is akin to the Blue and Gold Star symbols which have served to identify those who have offered service to the nation and those who have been killed in active combat, respectively. The Purple Star insignia represents those active duty Servicemembers and Veterans who have not survived homecoming and transition due to suicide and other means; as well as active duty Servicemembers preparing for separation from the military, Veterans and their family members transitioning from the military to civilian life.

Why Does Purple Star Veterans and Families Matter?

Purple Star Veterans and Families is on one of the only organizations dedicated to honoring those lost to suicide to include other means (such as vehicular accidents, adrenaline seeking behavior, drugs and alcohol) while experiencing a behavioral or physical health condition as a result of military service.

What Makes Purple Star Veteran and Families Different?

Purple Star Veterans and Families does not seek compete with other organizations. We actively seek to work with the programs of other non-profits. We collaborate, train other organizations in the use of our proprietary tools, and refer active duty Servicemembers, Veterans and families in need to long-term mentoring organizations and other nonprofit, governmental and non-governmental resources.


Our Vision, Mission, Values & Strategy

Our Vision is national policy change at a military and governmental level to dramatically improve the way we prepare military personnel for separation from service back to family, education, employment and community that helps to save lives.

Prevent * Support * Honor

To offer preventative strengths-based programming to support successful transition from military to civilian life for active duty Servicemembers, Veterans, and their families, while honoring fallen active duty Servicemembers and Veterans who have died by suicide or other means (such as vehicular accidents, adrenaline seeking behavior, drugs and alcohol) as a result of emotional or physical trauma related to military service.

Courage, Compassion, Trust, Willingness, Community, Teamwork, Transparency, Transformation

Research, Alignment and Collaboration: Work as a connecting point to subject matter experts, military leaders, mental health professionals, Veterans organizations and Governmental agencies.
Flags to Families: Provide Purple Star Flags to families of fallen Veterans due to suicide, accidents, drugs or alcohol and to introduce bereavement resources and community services.
Bereavement Network: Actively support the further development of a national bereavement network and on-line community for the families of fallen Veterans.
Peer Advocacy: The creation of tailored peer-to-peer transition advocacy programs and trainings to support Veterans, spouses, parents, grandparents, extended family, friends and employers.
Social Media: Videos presenting symptoms, problems, solutions with action plans, press releases, and interviews with major networks, blogs Internet sites and newspapers.
The Facto, Mason, Beckius Scholarship Fund: Scholarships for Veterans and family members to select programs for learning self-care, resilience, peer-to-peer mentoring and advocacy skills.

Our vision regarding Servicemember and Veteran transition is to see the following areas examined to mandate that improved programs are implemented by the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs ensuring that:

1Every service member who has served in a Combat or Combat related job specialty is provided comprehensive health, wellness and decompression resources  to address the hidden wounds of war before they leave the military.

2Every new Veteran leaves the military having completed a homecoming preparedness peer mentoring program taught by fellow Veterans.

3Every family has access to comprehensive homecoming preparedness training and resources before they welcome their Veteran home. Nationally standardized and readily available resources do not exist at present.

4Every new Veteran has a post-separation plan and follow up schedule with their local hometown VA or non-VA health care provider.

Our Story

Purple Star has been inspired by some amazing Veterans and their individual transitions from military to civilian life. Read and learn more about our story and theirs below.


Our Personal Development Approach

Our customized programs are designed to help Servicemembers and Veterans identify their unique strengths and areas for growth, create a game plan for their life, build a network of support and mentorship, and access the tools and resources they will need to succeed.