Welcome to Purple Star Veterans

Our Mission is to be a trusted resource for Veterans and their family members as they successfully transition from military to civilian life.


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National Network of Peer Mentoring Organizations

We are building the first-ever national network of Veteran mentoring organizations. Our objective is to be a first point of contact for Veterans in need, and direct them to mentoring organizations for immediate and ongoing support.

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What We Do

We’re different than other Veteran organizations. We provide access to resources and tools for self-help personal development,  including a dedicated Peer Advisor to help you create YOUR action plan.

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Welcome to PSVF

Purple Star Veterans is a program of Purple Star Veterans and Families (PSVF) a 501c3 community service organization.

About Us

Purple Star exists to strengthen the transition safety net for Veterans, their immediate and extended families and for the families of Veterans who are struggling to reintegrate into their families, communities, and the workforce, and for the families of Veterans who are not surviving homecoming due to suicide, accidents, drugs and alcohol.


Our focus is on creating an atmosphere of support and advocacy, providing immediate access to transition assistance through self-development tools and resources, fostering community building and collaboration in order to act as a gathering place for purple star Veterans and families, and providing guided assistance when desired via our Peer Advisors.

Our Mission Is To:

  • Prevent suicides, domestic violence and substance abuse in the Veteran community
  • Build community and resources for immediate and extended families of reintegrating Veterans
  • Honor the families of Veterans who are not surviving the transition from military to civilian life
  • Support Veterans and their families through a strong peer advocacy network
  • Provide scholarships for Veterans and their families to resilience, healing and transition trainings
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How does Purple Star differentiate itself from any other Veteran service organization?

Only Veterans truly relate to other Veterans.

Purple Star helps Veterans navigate the trials of homecoming and transition by helping them solve their current challenges and by connecting them to effective peer advisors, mentors, and mentoring organizations.

With the significant challenges being experienced by Veterans and their families while transitioning from military service, a scalable solution needs to be put into place quickly. Prevention and early intervention through peer-to-peer mentoring, Purple Star believes, is the fastest way to get ahead of problem.

Purple Star is here to direct and refer Veterans and families in need to the appropriate resource. It makes no sense for Purple Star to create yet another mentoring program when so many good programs and organization already exist. It make more practical sense for Purple Star to partner, unite and refer to them whenever possible.

Purple Star, through a small network of Peer Advisors will qualify the needs and interests of each Veteran to provide a personal introduction to the right mentoring organization.

Purple Star Offering:


PSVF Peer Advisors

Provide front­‐end triage tools and resources to identify the needs of each Veteran and their family members. PSVF is here to assist each Veteran to clarify their strengths and interests to help them identify opportunities for improvement in their transition plan.


Transition Tools & Resources

The PSVF Mentoring tools and resources are designed to identify the needs of each Veteran and family member we encounter. All resources are designed to provide a self‐paced and/or guided personal development approach to transition from military service.


Veteran Mentoring Organizations

Refer Veterans in need of additional and ongoing support to a growing national network of partner organizations; including other nonprofits, peer mentoring organizations and VA services.


Mentor Training & Development

Provide training and ongoing resources to help the mentors of other organizations become more effective mentors. We offer the training, tools and resources to plug into existing mentoring programs offered by a growing number of nonprofit Veteran services organizations.

Tools & Resources

The PSVF Advisor Tools are specifically designed to help each Veteran and their family members to begin to answer these three important questions:

Who Are You?


Assisting each Veteran to better understand their strengths and how these strengths can be deployed in the civilian sector is paramount to helping them better transition from military service. The PDP personal development process provides a simple and easy five minute online communication survey that provides a comprehensive report for helping each individual understand their strengths and communication style.

Where Are You?


The Transition Map and Action Plan provides a set of illustrations and insights to get a conversation started between Veteran Advisors and Veterans and their family members about where they find themselves in their transition from military to civilian life. With this information, the Veteran and Peer Advisor can begin to plot a way forward that is realistic and achievable. This is a collaborative process and a conversation to create direction and momentum toward the Veterans goals and objectives.

Where Do You Want To Go From Here?

“If you don’t have a goal, make your first goal, finding a goal” In some cases PSVF will encounter Veterans in crisis, in other cases, which are very typical, the Veteran is simply lacking a clear understanding of who they are and what their value is to the world. If crisis is encountered, listening, referring and making personal introductions to appropriate and immediate assistance is our focus.

Support Purple Star

All proceeds received by Purple Star Veterans and Families go directly to funding our program areas detailed on this page.


Our long-term goal is to see the following areas examined and mandate that programs are implemented by the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure:

1Every service member who has served in a Combat or Combat related job specialty is provided comprehensive health, wellness and decompression resources  to address the hidden wounds of war before they leave the military.

2Every new Veteran leaves the military having completed a homecoming preparedness peer mentoring program taught by fellow Veterans.

3Every family has access to comprehensive homecoming preparedness training and resources before they welcome their Veteran home. Nationally standardized and readily available resources do not exist at present.

4Every new Veteran has a post-separation plan and follow up schedule with their local hometown VA or non-VA health care provider.


By signing the national petition and sharing it with others you play a key role in helping us reach our our goal of strengthening the transition safety net.

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